Ignasi Sols


I am interested in the neural mechanisms supporting the encoding and retrieval of episodic memories. During my Ph.D. with Dr. Lluís Fuentemilla at the University of Barcelona, I used electroencephalography to investigate the effects of event boundaries on episodic memory encoding, finding a fast reactivation of the encoding patterns of the just-encoded episode at event boundaries. In my current work, I am interested in further understanding the mechanisms supporting event segmentation, resulting in coherent episodic memories. I am particularly interested in how neural oscillations relate to the encoding of sequential (episodic) experiences, as well as in the influence of prior knowledge on novel episodic encoding.


Event boundaries figure

Event Boundaries Trigger Rapid Memory Reinstatement of the Prior Events to Promote Their Representation in Long-Term Memory

Ignasi Sols
Sarah DuBrow
Lila Davachi
Lluís Fuentemilla