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The Future of Women in Psychological Science

June Gruber
Jane Mendle
Kristen A Lindquist
Toni Schmader
Lee Anna Clark
Eliza Bliss-Moreau
Modupe Akinola
Lauren Atlas
Deanna M Barch
Lisa Feldman Barrett
Jessica L Borelli
Tiffany N Brannon
Silvia A Bunge
Belinda Campos
Jessica Cantlon
Rona Carter
Adrienne R Carter-Sowell
Serena Chen
Michelle G Craske
Amy J C Cuddy
Alia Crum
Lila Davachi
Angela L Duckworth
Sunny J Dutra
Naomi I Eisenberger
Melissa Ferguson
Brett Q Ford
Barbara L Fredrickson
Sherryl H Goodman
Alison Gopnik
Valerie Purdie Greenaway
Kate L Harkness
Mikki Hebl
Wendy Heller
Jill Hooley
Lily Jampol
Sheri L Johnson
Jutta Joormann
Katherine D Kinzler
Hedy Kober
Ann M Kring
Elizabeth Levy Paluck
Tania Lombrozo
Stella F Lourenco
Kateri McRae
Joan K Monin
Judith T Moskowitz
Misaki N Natsuaki
Gabriele Oettingen
Jennifer H Pfeifer
Nicole Prause
Darby Saxbe
Pamela K Smith
Barbara A Spellman
Virginia Sturm
Bethany A Teachman
Renee J Thompson
Lauren M Weinstock
Lisa A Williams


Figure summary of neural processes that support proactive and retroactive memory integration at shorter timescales

Transcending time in the brain: How event memories are constructed from experience

David Clewett
Sarah DuBrow
Lila Davachi
perirhinal cortex MRI scans

Understanding perirhinal contributions to perception and memory: Evidence through the lens of selective perirhinal damage.

Marika C. Inhoff
Andrew C. Heusser
Arielle Tambini
Chris B. Martin
Edward B. O'Neil
Stefan Köhlerf
Michael R. Meager
Karen Blackmon
Blanca Vazquez
Orrin Devinsky
Lila Davachi

Hippocampal gamma predicts associative memory performance as measured by acute and chronic intracranial EEG

Simon Henin
Anita Shankar
Nicholas Hasulak
Daniel Friedman
Patricia Dugan
Lucia Melloni
Adeen Flinker
Cansu Sarac
May Fang
Werner Doyle
Thomas Tcheng
Orrin Devinsky
Lila Davachi
Anli Liu

Threat learning promotes generalization of episodic memory

Francesca Starita
Marijn C.W. Kroes
Lila Davachi
Elizabeth A. Phelps
Joseph E. Dunsmoor
figure showing relationship between arousal and memory

Acute stress throughout the memory cycle: Diverging effects on associative and item memory

Elizabeth V. Goldfarb
Alexa Tompary
Lila Davachi
Elizabeth A. Phelps


Differentiation of Human Medial Prefrontal Cortex Activity Underlies Long-Term Resistance to Forgetting in Memory

Youssef Ezzyat
Marika C. Inhoff
Lila Davachi
Neural reinstatement figure

Time-resolved neural reinstatement and pattern separation during memory decisions in human hippocampus

Lynn J. Lohnas
Katherine Duncan
Werner K. Doyle
Thomas Thesen
Orrin Devinsky
Lila Davachi

Decision-making increases episodic memory via postencoding consolidation

Vishnu P. Murty
Sarah DuBrow
Lila Davachi

Perceptual boundaries cause mnemonic trade-offs between local boundary processing and across-trial associative binding

Andrew C. Heusser
Youssef Ezzyat
Ilana Shiff
Lila Davachi

A neurocognitive model for predicting the fate of individual memories

Shannon M. Tubridy
David Halpern
Lila Davachi
Todd M. Gureckis
default mode network seed regions figure

Evidence That Default Network Connectivity During Rest Consolidates Social Information

Meghan L. Meyer
Lila Davachi
Kevin N. Ochsner
Matthew D. Lieberman
Emotional memory event segmentation figure

Event segmentation protects emotional memories from competing experiences encoded close in time

Joey E. Dunsmoor
Marijn C.W. Kroes
Caroline M. Moscatelli
Michael D. Evans
Lila Davachi
Elizabeth A. Phelps

Working with schemas, predicting with schemas

Oded Bein
Niv Reggev
Alexa Tompary


targeted memory reactivation figure

Brief targeted memory reactivation during the awake state enhances memory stability and benefits the weakest memories

Arielle Tambini
Alice Berners-Lee
Lila Davachi
context transition figure

The ebb and flow of experience determines the temporal structure of memory

David Clewett
Lila Davachi
Consolidation figure

Consolidation Promotes the Emergence of Representational Overlap in the Hippocampus and Medial Prefrontal Cortex

Alexa Tompary
Lila Davachi

Trial-by-Trial Hippocampal Encoding Activation Predicts the Fidelity of Cortical Reinstatement During Subsequent Retrieval

Jared F. Danker
Alexa Tompary
Lila Davachi

Commentary: Distinct neural mechanisms for remembering when an event occurred

Sarah DuBrow
Lila Davachi
postencoding connectivity figure

Selectivity in Postencoding Connectivity with High-Level Visual Cortex Is Associated with Reward-Motivated Memory

Vishnu P. Murty
Alexa Tompary
R. Alison Adcock
Lila Davachi


Emotional brain states carry over and enhance future memory formation

Arielle Tambini
Ulrike Rimmele
Elizabeth A. Phelps
Lila Davachi

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